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Bath and massage dreams for two

Skin-to-skin in soothing warm water. The bath is illuminated gently by candles, a lush bouquet of red roses lies on the side of the bath, next to some strawberries and two glasses of Prosecco. You close your eyes and sense the deep feeling of well-being flow through your body.

It feels like time is standing still. All that matters is you and your loved one.

Next to each other on the massage beds. Four hands massaging two bodies in unison. You fall into a relaxation spell in the same rhythm as your partner. Two hearts, beating at the same frequency. This is what happiness for two feels like.

Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? At our hotel it is easy to make these dreams a reality ...


Karwendel "Dreams for Two"

‘Dreamy’ (version 1)

Duration approx. 75 mins
Duration: approx. 75 min.
€ 135.- per treatment

"Rustic" (Version 2)

Duration ca. 75 min.
Duration: approx. 75 min.
€ 135.- per treatment

Romantic bath for two

Duration approx. 40 mins
Duration: approx. 40 min.
€ 75.- per treatment