Experience spiritual wellbeing

Dive into a wonderful underwater world

Dive into the soothing warm water of the Alpine Wellness Hotel Karwendel pool and you will immediately start to feel overcome by a wave of relaxation. Your view falls on the magnificent mountains through the panoramic window, and you feel as if their majestic serenity can be felt in the pool as well. You'll find it easy to discover peace and harmony here ... spiritual and physical inner balance - either alone or with your partner.

A magical ambience

Amphorae, marble pillars and mosaics: The swimming area at Hotel Karwendel in Pertisau is a magnificent Roman atmosphere. Sweeping forms, pleasant lights and colours, aromas and sounds gently caress your senses.

White steam, an enchanting atmosphere - our outdoor pool

Slowly float from the indoor pool into the open air and enjoy a swim in the outdoor pool surrounded by the magnificent Karwendel mountains. In winter, when warm steam ascends from the pool and the beautiful scenery is covered in a white coat, the experience will feel even more magical ...

A great place to relax and reflect on your wonderful holiday

The pool at Alpine Wellness Hotel Karwendel is also big enough to swim a couple more energetic lengths in the morning to help wake you up.

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