Beauty and vitality garden

A world dedicated to your beauty, relaxation and wellbeing

Sparkling eyes, a smooth, fresh complexion and gentle contours around your mouth - all characteristics that we think are beautiful. If we are under stress and tensed up we don't look anything like this. This is a sign that it is time to do something positive and to take a break. Take care of your body and let our qualified staff take care of you.

We will leave you glowing

A holiday at Alpine Wellness Hotel Karwendel is one of the best ways to light up your eyes. In our beauty and vitality garden we have a team of beauty and wellness experts to take good care of you. How would you like an Ayurvedic Shirodhara (to rid you of all your worries), a "body-splash" vitality bath (to improve your mood) or a Cleopatra cream pack (to make your skin silky soft)?

Nourishment for body, spirit and soul

When we take care of ourselves we are showing our bodies that they are important to us. This alone can ensure holistic wellbeing. In addition, it is also important to put your wellbeing in safe hands and to only use the best skin care products available ...

Tyrolean wellness

Our Tyrolean hay bath, according to ancient traditions is a particularly fitting way to enjoy your holiday in Tyrol, as too are our Alpienne natural care treatments. Feel the healing powers of the Alps ...

Top Offers
  • Autumn Special 2019 with 1 free day and a basket of treats | 5 = 4 = 3

Autumn Special 2019 with...

4 nights
  • 11/02/2019 - 11/24/2019
from € 517.-  price per person
  • Anniversary 60 years of Hotel Karwendel | 6 nights

Anniversary 60 years of ...

6 nights
  • 05/09/2020 - 05/17/2020
from € 880.-  price per person
  • Magical Advent Days with an Advent basket of goodies + 1 Night FREE | 4 nights

Magical Advent Days with...

4 nights
  • 11/28/2019 - 12/20/2019
from € 536.-  price per person
  • Make a Wish | 2 nights

Make a Wish

2 nights
  • 10/26/2019 - 11/24/2019
from € 377.-  price per person