Only the best for our guests!

This also applies to all our wellness products

After all, these essential oils, essences and creams enter your body through your skin. We firmly believe that these skin care products should also do what they promise.

Our range of products has been carefully selected and is constantly being refined. Of all the high quality lines, we only use those which have been tried and tested in our beauty and vitality garden, those that impress our guests the most. Find out more about the individual products here:

ALPIENNE NATURAL CARE - healing forces from the Alps

The Alpienne natural care concept was developed using all of the unique and beneficial natural products that could be found in our mountains. The exceptional quality and healing effect is due to the use of raw materials which come exclusively from controlled wild cultivation. Carefully harvested by hand, gently dried using the power of the sun and with no chemical additives, the unique Alpine skin care products are then processed.


The person behind the successful !QMS Medicosmetics is certified doctor, plastic surgeon and cosmetics developer, Dr. Erich Schulte, who is also an internationally-renowned expert in the area of aesthetic medicine. The !QMS anti-aging treatment system is known for being unique, in terms of its effects in maintaining health and regenerating the skin. In the world of high-quality cosmetics, he is known for finding new approaches and never being content with his successful achievements.


The brand Comfort Zone can only be found in the most exclusive spas in the world, as well as on selected cruise ships. A treatment with Comfort Zone is guaranteed to be a unique experience. The treatments are carefully adapted to the individual condition of your skin. Comfort Zone comes from northern Italy and is characterised by its typical Italian flair in terms of design and elegance.


La Ric was founded 25 years ago in Vienna. They develop luxurious treatments for your hands and feet. La Ric's main asset is the immediate effect of the products. The proverbial "wow effect" really will impress you. While we take care of your hands and feet, the aromatic pillow gently relaxes you.


After its development in Italy in 1986, Eva Garden by Paolo Guatelli quickly became an international synonym for decorative cosmetics. The modern and dynamic cosmetics line satisfies both the professional requirements of a beautician as well as the desires of those who appreciate the importance of looking good. Eva Garden is only used in selected cosmetics institutions and exclusive wellness hotels. The range of products is suitable for all women, regardless of age and look.


Thank to its unique, harmonious composition and its high content of naturally occurring sulphur, Tyrolean stone oil has an exceptionally soothing and nurturing effect on your skin. Its secret lies in the "healing legacy of the sea," because the active substances in the stone oil originate from prehistoric marine animals and plants. Whether it is used as a mild treatment for your skin or hair, as a household remedy for sore muscles, or even as a treatment for rheumatic complaints - Tyrolean stone oil can contribute considerably to an improved quality of life. This has been confirmed by well-known doctors, non-medical practitioners and countless satisfied customers.

VITALIS Dr. Joseph

Vitalis has been developing high-quality, organic natural cosmetics, room fragrances, wellness products, essential oils, massage products and various teas since 1986. The Vitalis products are available exclusively in wellness facilities such as beauty institutes, spas, saunas as well as organic shops, pharmacies and health food shops. These natural products carry seals of approval for "controlled natural cosmetics" from the ICEA and BDIH and are created using only natural raw materials.